Here’s the story, morning glory: Right now you’re deep in creation mode, cranking out a sensational e-Course that might just be your life’s masterpiece – and the last thing you want is to launch to crickets.


So, you’ve been:

: Bootstrapping – Trying to figure it all out on your own, from sales page design to Facebook ads (and slowly going crazy)

: Questioning – Repeatedly asking yourself everything from “What’s an API key again?”, “Why is it not working?” to “Am I ever gonna get this done?”

: Wasting time trying to figure it out all out yourself (hello, “how to” videos on YouTube) and finding yourself in procrastination station more than not because it’s all just so hard and confusing


Don’t get me wrong, you could keep trying to DIY it, running from pillar to post and heading straight from procrastination station to exhaustion station– and still not feel like you’ve done enough.

You could keep doubting whether the Facebook Ad you poured buckets of hours, energy and dollars into will “resonate” with your people, let alone convert at a reasonable price.

You could keep trying to create a cute logo on Canva by clicking random buttons and hoping what you envision in your mind comes to life on your screen.

And you could absolutely keep wondering whether this e-Course will actually make a mark in your pocketbook – let alone the world.

Or? You could put yourself ahead of the game with just one smart move.

Yes, there is an easier way to launch a killer, heart-based e-Course without the frustration.

Ready to turn your e-Course into a cash cow without going crazy?


from $4,400 (USD)

a done-WITH-you service for online womenpreneurs who want to launch an e-Course that sells and spreads your message with less stress

You’ve created (or are creating) something beautiful; a no-doubt divine expression of what you’re meant to do here on this planet. (I do not take that lightly.)

As the owner of several online businesses and the creator of several e-Courses, I know from personal experience that launching an e-Course into the marketplace is HARD. When you’re trying to create kick ass content (and keep up with the rest of your business), the last things you should be worrying about are frustrating time sucks like designing lead magnets or sourcing images for Facebook ads.

Instead, how about you stay in your zone and leave the launch plans to me?


LAUNCH YOU is 1:1 launch support service designed to take your e-Course from idea to income with less stress.

I get it. Sometimes you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do and exactly how to do it.

That’s what Launch YOU is all about.

During LAUNCH YOU, you’ll receive one-on-one launch support and strategy as I hold your hand through your entire launch.

Think: An easy-to-follow launch calendar with daily must-do’s. A done-with-you marketing timeline so you know what the heck to post where and when. Strategy and accountability calls to hash out your strategy and keep you focused and on track (read: following that launch calendar).

Basically? We’ll create a killer sales funnel, a mega-effective marketing plan and visual materials for your e-Course so it becomes THE ONE people are raving about.

When you hire me to Launch YOU, you’ll know exactly what needs to happen each day to make sure your launch runs smooth as buttah and nothing falls through even the smallest crack.

All you have to do is follow the launch calendar we create.

Which means? Your launch goes off without a hiccup or hang-up and you get stay (mostly) in your zone of genius. Plus you get to make the income and impact you deserve.

Ready for me to help you launch you?


And the best part? Everything we create is reusable. With just a couple tweaks, you can return to the strategies, graphics, pages and timeline we’ve created EVERY TIME you launch, which means you’ll make your investment back in no time.

What's Included? Price starting from $4,400:

Brand YOU - everything listed in my Brand YOU custom branding package, including a custom logo (if needed).

TWO (2) Launch Strategy Sessions with Sallyann to clarify your course’s unique messaging, visual style and place in the market, PLUS brainstorm a kick ass sales funnel and marketing strategy, before your launch kicks off.

Custom Launch Plan Calendar + Marketing Timeline – You’ll be able to see exactly what needs to happen each day, week and month of your launch. Think: Your must-dos and action items all at-a-glance and ready to be “checked off” with sweet relief.

Fortnightly (45m) One-on-One Launch Strategy and Support Sessions for the duration of your launch (approx. 2 months). Yes, I’ll be there holding your hand every step of the way to walk you through your launch! Launch YOU gives you all the accountability you need to stay on track and LAUNCH!

Private Launch Management Hub - for you and I to chat, manage and be ontop of every moving part of your launch.  Working with me means nothing gets overlooked!

Lead Magnet, Opt-Ins and Sales Funnel Creation, Design and Integration. Lead your prospects from intrigued to invested with a fully-branded lead magnet and opt-in page so compelling your prospects can’t help but hand over their email addresses.

Opt-in Page Design + Development – a branded pre-launch page to build buzz, collect email addresses and/or give away a value-packed freebie.

Facebook Ad Management – Rock your social media with a kick ass campaign that’s so cleverly-crafted your prospects will wonder if you’re a mind reader. Includes campaign management for the duration of your launch – including copy and visuals for ads, plus tweaking and re-targeting as we go along to ensure we’re bringing new ideal clients in in droves (all you need to do is pay for the cost of your Facebook ads to run)

Email Campaign and Sequencing – all your email auto-responder sequences and campaigns setup and managed for you. All you need is the copy (so it’s in your voice and on topic) and I’ll tweak it (where necessary) so your tribe can't help but say yes!

e-Course Workbook Design – For all your course materials to have a consistent look & feel to the rest of your e-Course branding.
I'll design and supply you with a custom template for you to use.

Webinar strategy – If you're using webinars to deliver value or you want to use webinars to deliver value, I'll walk you through every step of your webinar structure. Includes set up + integration, webinar strategy, how to offer value during your webinar, along with pitching and closing.

Keynote Presentation Template — To make sure your videos and presentations look just as fancy as everything else, we’ll design a custom template for you to use. 

Post-launch Evaluation to review what worked, what to try next time, and what totally deserves a champagne toast!

The successful launch you’ve been dreaming about is just one helping hand away. You ready to launch?

LAUNCH YOU is a one-time investment starting from $4,400 (USD).


Current 2017 Availability:

Only 1 Launch YOU spot available per every 2 month period.

When launching I always allow a minimum of 8 weeks together, sometimes longer depending on your launch needs.

Let's chat via Skype to see if we meet each others needs. Click the 'Apply Now' button below.

Or scroll down to send me a message via the 'Got Questions?' section below.


  Now booking 2018!


Optional Add-On's

MATCHING COLLATERAL - Create a cohesive and seamless experience throughout your brand with my matching collateral set. Choose from goods like: Facebook Banners, eDM Banners, Motivation/Inspiration Cards, Social Media Promo Marketing Board, Instagram boards, A 4-page PDF Opt-In, your Facebook Advert Visual, Giveaway Graphic or other custom projects (just ask - I’m nice!) Up to 8 matching custom items will be created. Add on // $800 (USD)

SALES PAGE - to hook (and delight) prospects with a polished, professional sales page that answers their questions, allays their fears and gives them all the info they need to say “yes”!

DESIGN ONLY – Need a complete sales page design as well? I can do that, too! Please note: this option is design only. Add on // $1,000 (USD)

DESIGN + BUILD –   If you want your sales page designed + built as well, this can be done in either Squarespace or Wordpress (Optimized Press) or Instapage, to match the rest of your brand.
Add on // $1,950 (USD) for a short form Sales Page, or
Add on // $2,500 (USD) for a long form Sales Page
Don't know which category your sales page falls into? No problems - Just ask!


Launch You
is Perfect for you if...

: You’re launching an e-Course or product for the first time and have no clue where to start

: You want your course to scream “value” and “quality” so people are instantly attracted to you

: You’re launching something that doesn’t require a membership site (If you need a membership site, please check out my DONE FOR YOU package).

: You’re re-launching an existing course and ready to step it up and hit a higher launch goal

The successful launch you’ve been dreaming about is just one helping hand away. You ready to launch?

LAUNCH YOU is a one-time investment starting from $4,400 (USD).



Who am i?

One part marketing manager (with over 10 years experience at a top 100 company in Adelaide, Australia), one part graphic designer and one part launch specialist, I streamline and supervise your entire launch process so you know exactly what’s happening when and everything runs smoothly and unfolds (almost) effortlessly, from idea to implementation to income.

Here are four short-n-sweet reasons you should totally get me on your team:

: I’m one part marketing manager (with over 10 years experience at a top 100 company in Adelaide), one part graphic designer and one part launch specialist, so I know exactly what it takes to ensure your e-Course makes an impact, makes you money and of course, looks darn good doing it.

: I take on a limited number of clients per month so each project gets my undivided love and attention it deserves. I’m crazy-invested in my clients’ success.

: I’m a collaborative creator. You’ll be involved every step of the way – from an initial BRAND YOU client questionnaire, to regular phone/Skype/Google Hangout sessions to ongoing, personalized communication – so there are never any surprises when you receive your final products.

: I’m an open book. When you work with me, you’ll have access to my extensive marketing and business background and know-how. I don't hold anything back!



// Nicholette von Riche - Clever with Canva

Got Questions?

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The successful launch you’ve been dreaming

about is just one helping hand away.


Are You ready to launch?


Let's LAUNCH YOU so your launch runs smooth as buttah
and nothing falls through even the smallest crack.


// Sam Cannell - The Fabulous Woman Project

// Stacy Canzonieri - Click and Capture Your Everyday