Imagine having an experienced graphic designer, marketing manager
AND digital launch strategist walk you through every step of your next launch

- from idea to income.

I've created 3 packages to make your next launch a whole lot easier!

Decide whether a branding kick-starter package is what you need right now,
or a launching 'done with you' or 'done for you' process will work best for you!

Pick Your Package:


$1,500 (USD)

Q: You’ve spent days, weeks and months writing your ROCKSTAR e-Course – now what?

A: Get the one tool you need to transform it into a beautifully branded experience your people will love.

When you’re selling your stuff online, professional branding isn’t just “nice-to-have” – it’s a must have. When your e-Course looks polished and professional, it boosts your credibility, keeps your brand cohesive and consistent and amps up your brand recognition.

Whether you’re a designer struggling to create a concept you love or a non-designer so over wasting time on Canva into the wee hours and still hating the end result….

Say hello to, Brand YOU – custom branding for your e-Course.





LAUNCH YOU from $4,400 (uSD)

LAUNCH YOU is a 1:1 launch support service for professionals ready to take their course from idea to income – for the first or next time. Work with me, and you’ll have an expert launch strategist, graphic designer, marketing manager and invested partner in your corner to keep you on track, accountable and moving toward launch day with vigor.

Sometimes you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. That’s what Launch YOU is all about.

We’ll figure out exactly how to position your course in the market, get your course branded and create a step-by-step launch and marketing timeline you can follow to ensure everything unfolds (almost) effortlessly. And best of all, I’ll be right there by your side – ready to assist.

Ready for me to help you launch you?





DONE FOR YOU from $8,800 (USD)

You’re a savvy lady and you’ve been DIY’in your e-Course launches til now – but to be honest? It’s hard work – and it’s kind of sucking the life out of you.

Yep, marketing your course has become its own full-time job – leaving you little time to focus on, well, your actual job of running your business.

Sound familiar? Then Done-for-You is for you.

Done-for-You is a fully customized launch support service where you’ll receive one-on-one launch support from yours truly. It’s the full box and dice for seasoned and newbie entrepreneurs alike who are ready to ditch the stress, overwhelm and long hours that come with launching alone – for good.

With DFY, I’ll step in and do it all for you – from crafting a custom launch calendar, drawing up and implementing your marketing, designing your sales pages, opt-in magnets and membership site and managing, tweaking and editing your Facebook ads, plus I'll take care of all the other moving parts your next launch needs.

If you want an e-Course that not only fills up your bank account but frees up your schedule, hand your launch over my way and let’s get you back to your business.


Are you ready to rock out your next launch?


As a digital launch specialist, my job is to step in and virtually hold your hand through the launch process so everything goes off without a hitch, hiccup or hang-up.

But here’s the thing: I’m not just a launch specialist – I’m also seasoned marketing manager, graphic designer and online business owner with multiple successful launches under my belt, which means I can handle everything from strategy to marketing to visual branding. Seriously.

So whether you’re after a...

: Killer marketing plan that gets your stuff in front of your right people

: Step-by-step launch schedule (so you know exactly what to do when)

: Gorgeously-designed opt-in page, sales page and/or membership site

: Any of the other million little things a launch requires – like an autoresponder email sequence schedule, done-for-you promotional graphics, scouting out guest blogging opportunities, help creating killer webinars, you name it...

I’m your girl.

// Nicholotte von Riche - Clever with Canva

// Jessica Giles - Chic Money

// Sam Cannell - The Fabulous Woman Project